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Dear Friends,

This Sunday evening, we will gather and hear the story of the Ascension — the moment when the Resurrected Jesus leaves the earth and ascends to heaven, to the astonishment of his already-astonished followers. If Jesus’ leaving seems like a strange thing to celebrate, well, yes and no.

On the plus side, Jesus didn’t leave us alone. He left us with the Holy Spirit, that sneaky, surprising third person of God’s Holy Trinity. (More about that on Pentecost in June.) And before he left, Jesus entrusted his followers to be his “witnesses…to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1).

So, how do we live out Jesus’ request? How do we bear witness to Christ’s manifestations in our lives, big and small?

Just from my few months of knowing you, I can tell that our congregation is full of amazing witnesses to God. I’ve already heard stories of grace amidst illness, resilience and recovery, unexpected romance, and every-day acts of justice from many of you.

On Sunday, we will begin an occasional series during worship that I’m calling “Testimony.” Towards the beginning of worship, one person will stand up and tell a simple, two-minute story of a moment where they were surprised or moved by God’s grace.

It’s my hope that having an occasional time for Testimony helps us know each other better, and in a different way. I have a few folks in mind who will kick off our first few Testimonies. But it’s my hope that, eventually, every one who has a story to tell will feel like sharing. If you have a story that would make a good Testimony, please let me know! I will help you craft it to be worship-ready.

It takes courage to get up in front of other people and tell a story of where God touched your life. And yet — if we take Jesus seriously, this was one of his final wishes and instructions before he ascended.

In what way are you witnessing, this week?

God’s peace,


Rev. Nate Klug