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Not your traditional denomination – click on the icon at the left to learn when the UCC ordained its first African American pastor and the first woman pastor.  And what denomination established the first school for the deaf in America?  And, in 1972, who ordained the first openly gay person as a minister in a mainline Protestant church – right here in the Bay Area!
Through the historic denominations whose merger created the United Church of Christ in 1957, we connect with the beliefs and principles of the Protestant Reformation.  Our congregational heritage is rooted in New England where the Pilgrims and Puritans established the freedom to worhip God according to the dictates of their own consciences.  We consider ourselves to be a progressive Christian community as defined by the Center for Progressive Christianity
We are certified as an  OPEN & AFFIRMING congregation of the United Church of Christ.  ONA is “shorthand” for Open and Affirming, the designation for congregations, campus ministries, and other bodies in the United Church of Christ which make public statements of welcome into their full life and ministry to persons of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.  Click on the ‘Out Loud’ icon on the right for more information.
We unite in one Conference, as in one denomination, so that we can do together what we could not accomplish individually.  Thus, we are connected in fellowship with the Golden Gate Association and the Northern California Nevada Conference of the UCC.  Although each congregation in the UCC is autonomous – free to determine its own approach to God, its own style of operation – we are connected by covenant, by having a “common” denominator, or maybe more aptly, a denomination “in common”.