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What We Believe


We are people of God’s extravagent welcome.  Jesus didn’t turn people away, even those often rejected by others.  We don’t intend to either.

We listen for the stillspeaking God.  We seek and serve God in innovative ways.  God continues to form us through new people among us, offering a multi-cultural mosaic that reflects all of creation.  We celebrate our common ground, while honoring our differences.

Through prayer, sacraments and worship; through the arts and sciences; through compassionate and political acts; and particularly in the voices of those who suffer, God is at work in our hearts and minds, in faith communities, and in the wider world.

In gratitude to God, we seek to root out injustice; to stand in solidarity with those who are poor and oppressed; to give with inspiring generosity; to care for the earth; and even to sometimes go against the grain of conventional norms.

We are about faith and justice, exploration and understanding.  So…

No matter who you are

or where you are on life’s journey,

you and your questions are welcome here.

This is no idle chatter.  Our living faith is supported by our relationships and affiliations and by the ever-present actions of our Mission Statement.