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Worship With Us every Second & Fourth Sunday at 5:00 pm

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Where is your church located?

We are located near downtown Redwood City in an industrial office complex.  We do not have a traditional church building but, rather, base our gatherings on the needs of our congregation at the current time.

When do you hold worship services?

We have a Chapel at our current location and currently hold worship services every second and fourth Sunday at 5:00 pm.  After each worship, we gather together for a meal and conversation.

We are committed to continuing quarterly worship celebrations that are relevant and meaningful to people in the community.  They are usually held at Casa de Redwood (1280 Veterans Blvd., Redwood City) or in people’s homes or backyards.  Check the calendar for times and dates.

We also hold weekly Prayer Circles each Wednesday at 11:00am in the Church Office (1155 Boroadway #130, Redwood City).

What do you teach about the Bible?

The Bible is a collection of writings that were written and collected over a period of more than a thousand years.  These ancient texts reveal to us the human understanding of God and how people of Jewish and Christian faith have related to God for thousands of years.  The New Testament speaks to us in particular about the life and teaching of Jesus.

What does it mean to be Christian?

We believe that Jesus, in his life and teaching, revealed God’s essence (love) and passion (abundant life for all) to the world.  As Christians, we commit ourselves to discovering how to live in God’s essence and join God’s Spirit, which leads us in transforming ourselves and the world into a place of wholeness for everyone.

What do you teach about homosexuality?

We believe that God loves all people as they are, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.  This includes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered persons.  We welcome everyone into the life of our church and invite people to participate at all levels of service and leadership.

How can I get involved?

A variety of SMALL GROUPS  are available from time to time.  Let us know of your interest in book discussions, small group worship, social activities, community outreach or others by writing us at .